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Improve your code Quality

CppDepend simplifies managing a complex C/C++ code base. You can analyze code structure, specify design rules, do effective code reviews and master evolution by comparing different versions of the code.

Automate your Review

CQLinq code query language gives you the flexibility to create your custom queries and have a deep view of your code base. With CQLinq you can automate your code review, and integrate it to your build.

Assist your Refactoring

Understanding the existing code base is primordial before any refactoring or migration. CppDepend could be very useful to audit the code base before refactoring. It helps you also in your migration process.

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Key Features

Code Query Linq

Support for Code Query over LINQ (CQLinq) to easily write custom rules and query code.

82 Code Metrics

Lines of Code, Cyclomatic Complexity, Coupling, Nesting Depth, Rank, ...

Compare Builds

Compare two versions of a code base and browse code diff and changes.

Customized Reports

Be warned of potential build process problems before they end up causing friction and pain.

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The WDP program for OSS Projects

CppDepend Reports for Open Source projects

Each time CppDepend analyzes a code base, CppDepend yields a report that can inform you about the status of your development. You can easily customize sections shown in the report. You can Consult these standard Reports of well known open source projects made by CppDepend:

100 356 098

Lines of open source code analyzed by CppDepend.