Easily detect where you can modernize your C++ codebase.

C++11/C++14/C++17  includes several additions to the core language and extends the C++ standard library. Some of these new features are very easy to use and bring a big added value to your C++ projects.

It’s interesting to detect automatically places where we can use some C++11 new features. For such needs clang-tidy is a standalone tool used to automatically convert C++ code, written against old standards, to use features of the newest C++ standard where appropriate. 

Developers who utilze Clang could easilly use the clang-tidy tool. However for Visual C++ developers and other compilers users it’s not an easy task to benefit from this interesting tool result.

To let all C++ developers benefit from this amazing tool, CppDepend is integrating it now in its latest windows version 2018.1 in order to detect the places where the following features could be used: Continue reading “Easily detect where you can modernize your C++ codebase.”

The rise of the new language MC++

During the last few years we talk about the “C++ Renaissance”. We have to admit that Microsoft was a major part of this movement, I remember this video where Craig Symonds and Mohsen Agsen talked about it.

In 2011 Microsoft announced in many articles the comeback of C++, and Microsoft C++ experts like Herb Sutter did many conferences to explain why C++ was back and mostly recommended the use of Modern C++. At the same time the standard C++11 was approved and we began to talk about C++ as a new language. Continue reading “The rise of the new language MC++”