Discover CPPDepend 2023.1: New Features & Enhancements

CppDepend, the leading code analysis tool for C/C++ developers, announces the release of its latest version 2023.1, with exciting new features aimed at improving code quality and maintenance.

The latest version includes a Maintainability Index, which helps developers assess the maintainability of their code. The index is calculated using various metrics, including code complexity and design, and provides a single, easy-to-understand score that gives developers a quick understanding of the state of their codebase.

CppDepend has also made it easier to exclude false positives from its analysis, giving developers more control over the results. This is particularly useful for projects where certain code patterns are deemed acceptable, but might be flagged as issues by the analysis tool.

Adding a comment to exclude the false positive detection

Another key feature in version 2023.1 is the ability to import SARIF files, which makes it easier for developers to share their analysis results with others. The SARIF format is widely used in the software development industry and allows developers to collaborate more effectively on code improvement efforts.

“We’re thrilled to release this new version of CppDepend. Our goal is to help C/C++ developers write better code, and the new features in version 2023.1 make this easier than ever before. We’re confident that our users will see a significant improvement in their code quality and maintenance efforts with this release.”

The CppDepend Development Team

CppDepend is available for download on the company’s website and offers a free-fully trial for new users.

About CppDepend

CppDepend is a code analysis tool for C/C++ developers that helps to improve code quality, reduce technical debt, and increase maintainability. It offers a comprehensive set of code analysis features, including code duplication detection, code coverage analysis, and cyclomatic complexity analysis, among others.

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