CppDepend 2024.1 has been released! And, it’s available for free for personal use.

CppDepend 2024.1 has just been released and it’s completely free for personal use!

Our development team at CppDepend has been diligently working to incorporate incredible features, further enhancing CppDepend’s capabilities as a tool for understanding, reviewing, and improving your code base.

Check out the new features included in this significant release, version 2024.1:

Advanced Source Explorer

CppDepend 2024 offers a sophisticated source explorer with these capabilities:

  • Issue Navigation: Effortlessly move through file issues using the toolbar,
  • Issue Evolution: Investigate new, fixed, and unresolved issues,
  • Labels: Utilize labels to gain insightful metrics about methods,
  • Diff Comparison: Examine differences compared to the baseline,
  • Dependency Navigation: Clickable dependencies in a method if they have issues.

Advanced Source Explorer

C++ Modules Support

Modules improve access to libraries with more robust and more efficient semantic model. From the user’s perspective, the code looks only slightly different, because one uses an import declaration rather than a #include preprocessor directive.

CppDepend 2024 provides full support for the C++ modules.

C++ Modules

Improved Linux Support

CppDepend 2024 enhances the Linux version’s graphical user interface, particularly the dashboard, and features improved parsing using the latest version of the Clang front-end parser.

Refine External Symbols

CppDepend 2024 enhances external detection and streamlines the process for refining externals.

Refine external symbols

Support for C++23/C++20/C++17

CppDepend 2024 offers support for all features in C++23, C++20, and C++17.

C++23, C++20, C++17 Support

Improved Incremental analysis

In CppDepend 2024, the incremental analysis is significantly optimized, ensuring rapid parsing of projects following the initial analysis.

Improved Visual Studio support

The VS solutions and projects parsing is highly improved to manage advanced vcproj/vcxproj configurations. And it’s possible now to easily filter the solution projects to parse.

Visual Studio Support

New Useful Rules Added

CppDepend 2024 improve the existing rules, and provides new interesting rules like the “potential dead code” rules.

CppDepend is free for personal use, if you are interested just send us an email at support@cppdepend.com.